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Rainbow Body Face Paint -some are shiny/fluorescent

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Halloween is not only about fear, it is about color, standing out, about being original!  Perfect for Birthday party,body painting show, bride makeup, colored drawing teaching, catwalk shows, sports painting, painting festivals, advertising gifts, creative DIY, ect..Keep in mind that this is water-based paint. Select the appropriate professional pen, stain with a little water, reconcile the pigment into the appropriate concentration and then paint on face and body. Cleaning is also easy, the body paint can be wiped with a wet piece of paper, soap or shower gel.


       a. Neon paints can be fluorescent & neon under fluorescent light or UV light.(Please notice it is not glowing in the dark.)                                                                                                                                                        
       b.Pearl paints can be pearlescent and shiny under sunlight or stage light.


  • Net weight:  30g/set
  • Size:  5.3*3*1.6cm

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