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Among the creepiest spots in the world, are haunted hotels. There is always something pretty chilly about hotels that are alleged to be haunted by ghosts. Could it be because of too many movies, TV shows and people dead-asleep in the quietness of the night? These haunted hotels are extremely luxurious in spite of the spooky atmosphere inside. Whether it’s the castles in Ireland or other top spots in the world, we have carefully chosen for you a list of the most haunted hotels around the world in 2019.

1. Green Park Inn, Blowing Rock

image credit to nancy bernad
The Green Park Inn, blowing rock in Carolina is a hotel that hosted several luminaries among whom are J.D. Rockefeller, Annie Oakley, and Margaret Mitchell whom according to the hotel, wrote the portion of its classic “Gone With the Wind in its Rooms.” It’s said that guests have heard weird sounds, witnessing electronic interference and seeing ghosts in Room 318. The hotel does not leave a "ghost log" for guest to wring down their encounters though.

2. The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville
image credit to diane merrittte

This hotel is listed in the national historic register dating back to 1796 as a former Louisiana plantation property. From photos taken in the property, some images purport to show apparitions. Chloe is the spirit of an enslaved woman in the1800s that has never left the hotel. In the first image from the National Geographic Explorer, the place is named the “South’s Spookiest House.”

3. Chateau De Marcay, France

Located in the highly scenic Loire Valley in France, Chateau de Marcay is a castle built in the15th-century. In 1973 it became a hotel. The hotel is more like something from a fairytale, and of course, fairytales have creepy bad guys. The urban myth says that one of the female dwellers in the castle was a werewolf who got shot by a farmer mistakenly when she had transformed at night. Since then, her ghost has been stranded around in the hotel in a white dress.

4. Jekyll Island Club, Georgia

image credit to dawna moore

Digital island clock, began in 1888 as a hunting club for wealthy Americans. Considered among the most luxurious in the world, the resort became the center of the trans-continental phone call used by the inventor Alexander Graham Bell in 1915. With the effects of the great depression and World War II, the club was turned into hotel and guests started reporting about apparitions in the hotel. Spirits of famous diseased people have been sighted in there.

5. Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California

image credit to debra

The RMS Queen Mary participated briefly in World War II as a warship after which it continued in the waters until 1967. During this time, a sailor was accidentally crushed by the engine room door, and he drowned in the pool. In 1967, the city bought and turned the shit into a hotel, but the spirit of the killed sailor continued to haunt the hotel till date. Visit the ship and experience the paranormal activity going on in the engine room.

6. Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Since the crescent hotel was constructed in 1886, it has served as a hotel, Junior college, Conservatory for young women, etc. With a new owner in 1937, The hotel became a hospital for cancer patients. The owner was found dead outside town, and his spirit, those of five-year-old girls and a bearded man with Victorian clothing keep hunting the hotel

7. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

image credit to 10best

The 13th-century hotel has the stories of dozens of phantoms roaming the property, especially that of Sir Alexander Ramsey. It’s said that in 1342 Sir Alexander was knifed to death by William Douglas and since then, he’s stuck around in the castle. Sometimes late at night, you may also run into a “grey lady.” At times people hear a “green lady” making weird sounds in the castle’s dungeon.

8. Hotel Sorrento, Seattle

image credit to stepen travel

Seattle has always been relaxed when it comes to marijuana. Seattleite Alice B. Toklas, responsible for inventing pot brownies way back in 1954, is the hipster ghost that has never stopped haunting Sorrento Hotel. It’s alleged to have been seen several times with vintage clothes from head-to-toe. Mostly at the bar on the fourth floor, she can move a guest’s glass.

9. Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco
image credit to queen

The legendary San Francisco hotel was sometime in the past a finishing school for girls, but after its headmistress, Miss Mary Lake died, apparitions began. She stuck around, and it’s said that she lives in room 401. Being a kindhearted lady since her days at the school, she is alleged to have been placing blankets on sleeping guests and unpacking their suitcases. That’s so eerie and very caring, though.

10. Dauphine Orleans Hotel, New Orleans
image credit to ghost city tours

In New Orleans, Dauphine Orleans Hotel is notorious for haunting spirits. Not very far from Bourbon Street, people often sight ghosts at this luxury hotel. They include civil war soldiers and courtesans. In a red-light district, you’re going to run into anybody.

11. Ross Castle, Ireland

image credit to gotirland

At the banks of the County Meath lake in Ireland, Ross castle island was built in the 18 century, and it’s now a hotel. Based on local legend, an English Lord’s named Black Baron and her daughter have been haunting the hotel grounds for a long time.

12. The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

image credit to

In America, the Stanley Hotel is known widely for its stories about haunting ghosts. No wonder, its design was inspired by a chilling novel written by Stephen king. A lot of guests have reported about paranormal activities like the unexplained shutting off doors, piano sounds, and untraced voices. Interestingly, guests are even given ghost tours and five hours of extended paranormal investigations.

13. The Langham Hotel, London

If you want to encounter ghosts, visit London to experience the haunted Langham Hotel. It’s reported that the ghosts include a doctor whose wife murdered him before committing suicide. This doctor with a grave facial wound injury keeps wandering in the hallways alongside Napoleon III.

14. The Hotel Roosevelt, Los Angeles

Right in the middle of Hollywood, is the Roosevelt Hotel. The first Academy Awards were held in the Roosevelt Hotel. No wonder celebrities flock into it often. Among the guests, are Marilynn Monroe and Mont Montgomery Clift who have been haunting the hotel halls for years. In the ballroom, there is a “cold spot” believed to be connected to the paranormal activity.

15. Lord Milner Hotel, Matjiesfontein, South Africa
image credit to
People often think about South Africa’s fascinating game reserves and not its charming and haunted hotels. One of them is Lord Milner Hotel situated in Karoo. This place was the South African war command headquarters and is known for war crime hearings. This could be why the hotel experiences paranormal activity. Guests in the hotel have reported seeing ghosts which include Lucy, a murdered woman whose spirit stuck around and frequently makes sounds behind doors.

16. Castle Leslie Estate, County Monaghan, Ireland

image credit to the telegraph

When Laura Redman who is Deputy Digital Editor stayed at this hotel, she said the castle was like a castle you would imagine in the 16th-century Irish homestead considering the red ivy meandering up the walls, a library with only first-edition novels, deep copper tubs, tea overlooking a thousand wooded and lake-site acres. And reports of the Leslie family member's ghosts and Norman Leslie always shuffling papers in the Red Room of the hotel is very fresh.

17. The Russell Hotel, Sydney

 image credit to seek ghost

Situated next to Sydney’s best attraction, The Russell Hotel in Australia is a spot for great comfort. Guest really like the hotel and hope to encounter a creepy experience. A sailor is alleged to have never left room 8, and various visitors have experienced his presence, and the untraced sound of somebody strolling over creaky floors is heard so often. 

18. Toftaholm HerrgårD, Sweden
image credit to trip advisor

Sweden’s Toftaholm Herrgård hotel is located alongside Lake Vidöstern in Lagan. The five-star hotel began as a manor privately owned by a wealthy Tycoon. Presently, the spirit of a young man who committed suicide in what is today, room 324 keeps haunting the hotel. He killed himself after Baron’s refusal to let him marry his daughter. Guests are said to have severally seen the boy’s ghost roaming the hotel, with windows closing at times unexplained.

19. Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

image credit to

In Mumbai, India, The Taj Mahal Palace is a phenomenally beautiful hotel, but it also has the status of being among the country’s most haunted hotels. The architect of the building got very upset that the direction of the building wasn’t correct as he intended. So, from the first floor, he jumped and died. His spirit has been haunting the hotel ever since, and guest reports say they have sighted his apparition on the hallway and heard footsteps on the floor.

20. Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas

image credit to TripAdvisor

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, The Flamingo hotel is the area’s oldest functioning resort and features too many lights that ghosts shouldn’t approach, but they do. Mobster Bugsy Siegel who was instrumental in giving the hotel the face it has today, including the casino, upset his investors after he spent above budget. Immediately the hotel opened, he was shot lethally. Guests staying in the hotel have recounted seeing a ghost strolling around in the hotel's garden and a memorial for Bugsy.
Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to visit a haunted hotel?

You can travel to any place in the world to experience the spookiness of a haunted hotel anytime you want. However, the Halloween season is one the best holidays to spend in these types of hotels because you would be living in the reality of Halloween staying in a haunted hotel.

What comprises a ghost story?

“Classic" ghost stories came to spotlight during the Victorian period, when authors like M. R. James, Violet Hunt, Sheridan Le Fanu, etc wrote about them. Gothic fiction tradition also influenced the public and spread different stories about apparitions and plots.

Do ghosts actually haunt hotels?

The belief about ghosts is something many people accept. If you do, you will like to experience apparitions and listen to ghost stories as you visit haunted hotels. However, a lot of other people consider ghost stories a hoax.

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