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It's almost that time of the year again! As the days get shorter and the leaves start to ominously darken, we start to realize -- Halloween is almost here! Some people enjoy Halloween for the candy, others for the creative aspect of putting together the best DIY costume or spooky snacks, and there are even some who use it as an excuse to sport a cute costume they can't wear on a regular day. However, if you’re a true Halloween fan, you’re all about the terror, the spine chills, along with the costumes and decorations that bring all the fright.

  1. ZOMBIES - The Walking Dead
  2. VAMPIRES - Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula
  3. FREDDIE KRUEGER - A Nightmare on Elm Street
  6. SAW
  7. WEREWOLF - The Wolfman


For the most part, horror movies and TV offerings have been a great source of inspiration, so if you can't decide on what you want to wear or hang up around your house this year, we got you. Your Fright Shop has put together the best classic horror movie costumes and decorations of all time — and they are all available here on our store for the whole family. Just be sure to remind the kids that the masks and props aren't real. Here’s our top Halloween costumes and decorations based on classic horror movies and TV shows:

ZOMBIES - The Walking Dead

ZOMBIES - The Walking Dead

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There’s simply no way to talk about classic horror without talking about ravenous zombies and AMC’s The Walking Dead has LOTS of them. Going zombie this Halloween? This Zombie Adult Costume is perfect, or choose to go as a pirate zombie, because why not? Rep The Walking Dead with this grisly zombie mask that is sure to rev up the scare factor among your party guests.

For the decorations, the sight of this vicious-looking zombie dog or this 40-inch zombie kid will cause people to step back in momentary terror. Set up this Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog just outside your house to complete the zombie outlook and welcome your trick-or-treaters


VAMPIRES - Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula

VAMPIRES - Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula

Photo Credit: The Movie DB


Vampire movies have come a long way but Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula remains a real classic and has inspired the many other vampire lords that have graced the silver screens, including Van Helsing, Hotel Transylvania, and of course the lovable Count von Count in Sesame Street. The legendary red and black long-flowing cape with the standing collar has become synonymous with vampire lore and looks pretty badass even on female vampires. Good thing we have a complete set of vampire costumes for the whole family. You can even get a makeup kit and retractable fangs to complete the ensemble.

On the decoration and party supplies front, you couldn't go wrong with this 4-Foot Inflatable Dracula Vampire on your yard, while this vampire coffin can cooler will definitely come in handy on Halloween night. Overhead, these Squeaking Hanging Rubber Bats help add another dimension of fright night to your Halloween decor.

FREDDIE KRUEGER - A Nightmare on Elm Street

FREDDIE KRUEGER - A Nightmare on Elm Street

Photo Credit: ALTPRESS


Only the bravest among us can rewatch this still-scary '80s tale of Freddy Krueger, a knife-gloved serial killer who murders people in their dreams. If you never want to get a good night's sleep ever again, this movie might actually be a good option on Halloween. There's something about Freddy Krueger that makes his costume options some of the more fun variations out there, especially with this Freddy Krueger Mask. Get you a bold striped sweater and the worn-out fedora to complete the look. Oh, and of course don't’ forget Freddy’s blades.  




Photo Credit: MSP Film Society

A madman with a leatherface and a chainsaw — a classic horror movie not for the faint of heart. While the kills are somewhat ridiculous, there’s nothing more terrifying than the idea of being mowed down by such a vicious instrument. Want to watch it again this Halloween? Get “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” on Blu-ray and sport on this 3D Leatherface Mask while you’re at it. 




Photo Credit: Apsari


Based on the Roald Dahl book, The Witches is a classic horror movie that sees a boy turned into a mouse, among other creepy stuff. Sure the Harry Potter movies did give us a new perspective on witches and wizards, but the pointy hats and dark robes remain a classic. Check out this assortment of witch costumes complete with broomsticks for your Halloween this year. Of course, if you’d rather go for a more modern version, then this Hermione Gryffindor Girls Costume makes a great choice. 


To decorate your yard, set the tone with this Light & Sound Animated Witch that emits a scary cackle, or this Witch Stake Cauldron Pot With Solar Lighted Lantern




Photo Credit: Collider


The Saw franchise can't be ignored when it comes to classic horror movies. People waking up to find themselves locked in a room and left to play the twisted games of a psychopath that are destined to drive anyone to the brink of insanity. Don on the Saw jigsaw mask or the scary pig mask with hair this Halloween to rep this spine-chilling horror film. By the way, did you know actor, Chris Rock plans to bring back Saw to the theaters next year?


WEREWOLF - The Wolfman

WEREWOLF - The Wolfman

Photo Credit: Empire Online

No list of classic horror movies is complete without mentioning the fearsome creature that is brought out by the full moon. We’ve had different variations of werewolves over the years like Professor Lupin in Harry Potter, Lucian in Underworld, and even Hayley Marshall in the TV series, The Originals. Are you wolfing out this Halloween? We got you covered. Start with this werewolf mask, followed by these werewolf hand gloves, and finally, the werewolf shoe cover to complete the look. We also got a boys' werewolf costume for a little one who wants to prove he can be just as scary too on Halloween. Not particularly up for that much hairy ensemble? Show off your Werewolf Deluxe Custom Fangs instead and a series of werewolf claw scratches on your skin with this Waterproof Temporary Tattoo Sticker.  




Photo Credit: IFC Center


Ok, so it’s not full-on horror, but Beetlejuice is still a classic that's perfect for Halloween. The movie combined some pretty macabre humor about death with director Tim Burton's trademark visual humor. Step into this crazy wacky world with the Adam and Martha Beetlejuice masks


There you have it. Our list of classic horror movie costumes and decorations -- let yourself be inspired by them. Here at Your Fright Shop, we’re all about helping you get all decked out in your preferred costumes and decorate your home with top quality Halloween decorations and party accessories. If you’re looking for something in particular and can't find it on our store, feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to help you find it. 


Too much scare for your comfort? We’ve got you!

We get it. Sometimes, you’d rather go cute and elegant rather than freak out your neighborhood with your costume on Halloween. Not to worry, we got just what you need. Check out the ultimate couple c
ostumes for you and your significant other and these selections of kids costumes. Need something cute and comfy for your little ones, our Baby and Toddler Costumes are just too adorable. Of course, we’d never forget our furry friends, so here’s some pet costumes. After all, why have all the Halloween fun by yourself?

We’ve also put together some helpful resources on how to make this the best Halloween ever! Learn our best tips for everything Halloween -- from easy outdoor Halloween decoration ideas to the best Halloween party activities for adults. We even provide some amazing recipes for simple DIY Halloween snacks and top of the line classic Halloween candy ideas to give out to your trick or treaters this year. Get started with Your Fright Shop today and have a fun-filled scare night!


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