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With countless sexy, funny and sweet costumes based on movies, cultures, wars, history, politics and fiction stories to choose from, we narrowed them down to a list of 8 best Halloween costumes for women in 2019.

The Fun World Women's Peace Love Hippie Costume takes the lead as the overall best women’s costume for this year. It is a classic short and flirty fringe that checks just every box. This costume is comfortable, modest, affordable, and comes with all its accessories.

If you still haven’t figured out your Halloween costume, then you are in the right place and even if you have, this carefully selected extraordinary list of the top 8 best Halloween costumes for women in 2019, could change your mind.


8 best Women’s Halloween costumes in 2019


Fun World Women's Peace Love Hippie Costume


Prop Soft Fabric Butterfly Wings Shawl


Secret Wishes Wonder Woman Corset Costume


Sidecca Metallic Mermaid Costume Maxi Skirt


Adult Women's Handmaid Full Set Costume


California Costumes Women's Incantasia, The Glamour Witch Costume


ES Unico Adult Animal Onesies Costumes 


Disguise Women's Disney Maleficent Black Christening Gown Costume



Fun World Women's Peace Love Hippie Costume


Perhaps this multi-piece dress won’t be the winner of a typical Halloween costume contest, but the vest is a wonder when it comes to gold standard designs. It’s suitable for every woman as classic wear even beyond 2019. It also comes with all the accessories you need from head to toe, such as an attached vest, boot covers, and a headband.


Prop Soft Fabric Butterfly Wings Shawl


A Halloween costume must not be multi-faceted to look fabulous. And that’s what makes this artistically simple and yet super unique costume one of the best among countless others. This mesmerizing shawl is memorable and goes for a price tag beneath its creative value. This Butterfly Wings Shawl comes in a multiplicity of colors, and you can select your favorite color from 30 different blends and patterns. Put the one piece on over your back and match it with a black dress and a beautiful butterfly is created for the evening party fun.

According to reviewers, it is a realistic design and a great costume to wear around kids as you accompany them for a fun Halloween time. The not-so-elaborate outfit also makes a perfect gift for your lover, friends, and family.


Secret Wishes Wonder Woman Corset Costume

    It’s mesmerizing to watch any woman you know after she is transformed into a strong independent woman by this wonder woman corset costume. Licensed officially by DC Comics, the outfit comes in six pieces. They are a corset, a skirt, a headpiece, gauntlets, a cape, and a belt. You can pick the size which fits best from the following; large (10-14), medium (6-10), small (2-6), and extra-small (0-2)

    Reviewers advise that women with larger chests should consider bust size before purchasing.


     Sidecca Metallic Mermaid Costume Maxi Skir


    It’s Halloween, and everybody is ready for the party, but you’re still without a costume. What about crafting a DIY last-minute costume? 

    With a metallic skirt, shaped like a mermaid, you become a mermaid of the fun night. This last best mermaid costume allows you to select your preferred color of the mermaid tail among the following; green, hologram kelly, hologram silver, turquoise, or teal. Simply match it with a shower suit top with glowing colors. The costume comes in four sizes that range from small to extra-large.


    Adult Women's Handmaid Full Set Costume


    You may be looking for a trendy costume, but what we have selected for you is the best trendy Halloween costume. It is a remake of a costume from the insanely popular and disturbing scenes of a television show labeled; The Handmaid's Tale.

    In spite of not probably strolling through Gilead, taking the children trick-or-treating or going to the local Halloween parade while putting on this four-piece getup is simply fabulous. The costume comes complete in a set of four sizes each alongside a dress, a cape, a bag, and a bonnet.

    According to some reviewers, the costume is a little lengthier than expected, but the sizes are terrific.

    California Costumes Women's Incantasia, The Glamour Witch Costume

      Here is your best classic Halloween appearance already upgraded. The purple and black costume is a perfect way to transform you into the most remarkable character of the fun night.

      Each of the packages contains a dress and hat. You’ll have to make the costume complete. Additionally, there is a decorative buckle-standing collar and dissimilar sash. According to reviewers, this costume is appropriate, comforting, charming, and creatively fashioned.



       Unico Adult Animal Onesies Costumes

      This unicorn design is more than a costume, and it is so unique that it still has a place this 2019. This narwhal stands out from others as the sea unicorn. It’s a costume that transcends Halloween, and we have watched teens months after Halloween dancing, partying, skiing, hiking, camping and running a marathon in the animal onesies.

      The costume is perfect in a cold climate and may appear very large, but they are made with a loose-fitting design. Designed as a one-piece suit with brightly colored and long-lasting fleece for warmth, it is a face-on-the- hood costume.

      If you’re not a Narwhal person, check out the 18 other choices among which are cow, corgi, and pug. 


      Disguise Women's Disney Maleficent Black Christening Gown Costume


      This is the best scary Women's Disney gown costume whose design is a right blend of extraordinary creativity, attraction, and affordability. You surely need something hard-to-find, to make your Halloween appearance memorable this year. This dress comes with a new headpiece that is nothing but the best for a Halloween gala. It’s also a perfect fit for an afternoon trick-or-treating session together with kids.

      This best scary wonder of a costume is officially licensed and comes in four sizes: extra-large, large, medium, and small. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why do people put on costumes on Halloween?

      The origin of Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which saw people lighting bonfires and wearing costumes they believed warded off ghosts. These masks were worn at night to outsmart ghostly beings into thinking they were other ghosts. Now, that culture is observed as a fun celebration in America.

      When do Halloween costumes sales begin?

      From mid to late September, Halloween costume sales come alive and intensify as October draws nearer. Then, when Halloween festivities reach their peak, another intense session for sales begins on November 1st.

      Where can I purchase cheap Halloween costumes?

      Shoppers know Fright Shop for its affordable prices and especially for kids and baby Halloween costumes which get the best deals. Women costumes for Halloween are also available.

      Where should I buy Halloween makeup kits?

      You can easily find typical Halloween makeup kits in most General stores, but in case you are looking for expensive ones, beauty stores will be the right place to go. Online shopping will sell you special effects makeup at pretty competitive prices.

      For the best Halloween decorations, and costumes for men, women, and children,  visit or call +1 (816)294-4213 to place your order.

      How many adults come out in Halloween costumes?

      Halloween excites millions of adults, and you won’t believe what they will look like in their wide-ranging Halloween attires. Reports from the National Retail Federation shows that up to 48 percent of American adults are fond of dressing up on Halloween as a flirty waitress, a pirate or some scary creature. 




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