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These are our 7 Best Halloween Activities For Adults that we have found to really make a party a PARTY!

When you think of Halloween, your mind probably conjures images of little kids getting dressed up in costumes and going door to door trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

But Halloween is not just for kids, it is for us adults too. After all, we are never too old for Halloween fun. From the costumes and drinks to the chills, thrills, and squeals, this spooky holiday presents us with the perfect excuse to tap into our wild sides and have some hair-raising fun.

So if you're looking to celebrate Halloween this year with your own soiree, here are seven activity ideas that will guarantee an eerie good time. And the best part? They don't cost much so you can spook your guests and have a pretty good time without having to scare your wallet!

  1. Pumpkin Carving Contest

It can’t be considered Halloween without a little pumpkin carving, right? For this activity, stock up on small-sized pumpkins so your guests can easily take them home should they choose.

Set them up on a large covered table ready with pumpkin carving tools, tea lights, and of course, bowls for dumping pumpkin guts in. Let your guests create their own carvings and then award them prizes based on their performance. Like decorating Christmas trees or dyeing Easter eggs, making Jack O'Lanterns is a holiday tradition you can't ignore at your own party.

  1. Murder Mystery

A good murder mystery is the perfect Halloween activity for adults. Not only does it make for an appropriate party theme, but it is also a long game that keeps you all engaged through the night.

To play, you’ll need an interesting murder plot and a guest list that matches the number of characters in your murder mystery plot. You can hire a company to set it up for you complete with scripts, roles, story-lines, or buy your own murder mysteries and do them yourselves.

For a successful murder mystery party, make sure your guests receive their roles and scripts ahead of time and encourage each of them to study their roles and to remain in character for the entire activity. It goes without saying, of course, but you’ll want your guests to dress up for their roles so that the party can be more fun for everyone.

  1. Scary Treasure Hunt

For this activity, set up lots of themed Halloween items that you know your guests will appreciate around your party venue. When they arrive, have them draw the name of another person to team up with and give them each a clue that will help get them closer to an item that you’ve hidden.

If you’re good at playing match-maker, then you can decide the pairs in advance. Each clue should lead to the next with mini rewards along the way to keep it exciting.

For instance, you can hide miniature drink bottles and give out bonus points to the teams that bring them back empty. At the end, make sure the treasure is something that will be worth all the effort. Our favorite treasure for such a night? An ice-cold bathtub stocked with champagne bottles.

  1. Trick Or Treat Shots

While the kids are out filling up their goody bags, place miniature drink bottles or shot glasses filled with different concoctions on trays around your party venue. Guests can then freely pick up any of the drinks to enjoy, but they won't know whether the drink is a trick or a boozy treat until after their first sip.

For the "treat" drinks, make sure it’s some pretty good alcoholic beverage or even jello shots, while the "trick" ones can simply be juice or soda. Sit back and watch the funny reactions that ensue from drinking the “trick” drinks. 

  1. Circle of Death

Got a wide variety of alcohol lying around? Pour them into a plastic pumpkin or cauldron and bring out a deck of cards. The game is quite simple -- spread the cards in a circle around the concoctions that you have prepared and make sure they are facing down.

Everyone then takes turns picking a card and if they pick any of the predetermined numbers, for instance, 4, 7, and Jack, then the player take a drink from the alcohol mix in the cauldron. The game continues until there is one card left and whoever draws it has to finish the whole drink -- might want to make it a large enough cauldron so the game doesn't end so soon. It is a party, after all. 

  1. Doughnuts on A String

Halloween is typically a fun night, but there are fewer things that are more fun than seeing adults, especially those slightly buzzed, get really messy while trying to eat. 

For this game, hang doughnuts from a string or ribbon and have your party guests stand or kneel under the dangling sweet treats with their hands tied behind their backs. Space each doughnut apart so that there is room enough for each participant, then let them go at it.

The goal of the game is to see who can eat the entire doughnut the fastest, without letting it fall from the string. You might want to get your camera ready because it promises to be an activity filled with some hardcore belly laughs.

  1. Costume Contest

Like carving pumpkins, wearing costumes is a Halloween tradition and everyone is probably going to show up in their snazziest costumes, so why not make a costume contest a part of your party?

You could pick a party theme and inform your guests that you'll be having a costume contest so they are expected to dress the part. When people arrive, give them scorecards so that they can award points to those with costumes they like the best in different categories, such as scariest costume, best couples costume, most creative costume, and so much more.

As the party draws to a close, collect all the votes and give out prizes for the winners. 

First time hosting a Halloween party? Here’s some tips for a successful event:

  • Halloween Décor

    -- Always go for it with the décor, both indoors and outdoors. Not only do they enhance your party theme, but they also deliver that extra “wow factor” for your guests. As much as possible, nail it down to even the little details like tablecloths, soda bottle labels, and the scary drippy candles

  • Halloween Themed Food and Drink --

    Put some thought into your food and drink choices for the night. One good way to streamline the selection process is to consider your guests. Are they mostly single or are they couples with kids? This helps you choose Halloween themed platters and beverages that cater to everyone in attendance. 

  • Surprise Your Guests --

    Treat your guests to something that no-one would have guessed would happen/be there. It makes your party more memorable. 

  • Relax and Have Fun --

    Hosting a party for the first time can be a bit overwhelming and take up a lot of your time, but don't forget to enjoy your party as well. You’ve worked so hard to bring it all together so now’s the time to take it all in and just a pretty fun night. 

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Now its your turn, in the comment section below tell us one of your favorite activities for Halloween!

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