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Halloween can be a scary time for the kids. The frightening part benefits from an element of fun. The creepy and odd holiday of Halloween shouldn't present worries to kids or their parents. Still, everyone should take steps to address their concerns about Halloween safety. Halloween isn't about staying at home and eating dinner with relatives. The festivities involve running around the neighborhood at night. However, a few steps for extra care are recommended.


Picking a costume allows kids to step into the fantasy persona they love so much from comic books, movies, TV shows and more. The costume becomes an extension of a child’s personality. Unfortunately, some costumes come with potential hazards. Superhero movies are popular, so kids want to dress up as Batman, Superman and other heroes who wear capes. Capes come with trip hazards. Parents need to be mindful of such things and take protective steps. Putting on the costume is a prelude to trick-or-treating, an activity that often takes place after the sun goes down. Nighttime brings forth some risks. Depending on what time your child goes trick-or-treating and how dark it is, it might be best to add reflectors to the costume as you would a bicycle. Adding reflective accessories can make your child more visible to passing motorists and others in the area.


Choosing the safest route must be a top priority among adult planners. You don't want kids trick-or-treating near busy highways, nor areas where they could quickly become separated and lost. With adequate planning, everyone can devise a route that is easy to follow. This way, everyone stays closer together. Breaking up the trick-or-treating by establishing meet-up spots at timed intervals makes sense. Perhaps after ten minutes, everyone stops in the middle of the block. The chances of being separated or lost decrease through this variation on taking a headcount.


No one wants to spread any urban legends about Halloween candy. However, it wouldn't be responsible not to point out that everyone must look out for sweets that present hazards. Candy separated from its wrapper, for example, should be thrown away. Besides potentially suffering tampering, the loose candy could pick up lint or other impurities we don't want anyone eating. Be sure to read the ingredients on the candy wrappers. Check for any ingredients to which a kid might be allergic, and take those candies away for obvious reasons.

None of these steps take much effort, and all of them improve safety. Taking precautions like these can make Halloween as safe as possible without compromising the fun. That way, the holiday delivers nothing but good memories.

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