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One of the upsides to sharing your house with ghosts and ghouls is that you probably don’t need to scramble for haunted house ideas when Halloween rolls around. For those who (thankfully) live in spirit-free homes, however, the end of October usually sees a rush for clever and simple ideas to achieve that haunted house look and feel. Not to worry, Your Fright Shop has scoured the web for easy projects that will make your home “haunted” in no time.

Spooky Skeleton Props

But… What if you have little or no space? Or what if you're not permitted to turn your home into an eerie structure? Well, there's a solution for that. You can turn your garage into a haunted house. Sounds cool, right? Let's help you fabricate a horrifying - haunted house -- err garage. Whether you’re looking to unsettle your neighbors or just add a little petrification to your home, these small, simple touches will be sure to spook.


Here are our simple ideas to turn your garage into a haunted house:


  • Clean up the garage
  • Unleash your inner Handyman
  • Integrate lots of black or really dark colors
  • Incorporate indoor decorations from your trusted Halloween store
  • Don't forget the exterior
  • Light it up in the eeriest ways
  • Fog it up

    Let's get started with these Halloween transformations, shall we? 


    Garage Cleanup


    Spooky Halloween Garage IdeasUnless you’re going for a cluttered haunted house look, the first thing you’ll want to do is clean up any junk in the garage. Move them out or stack them into boxes. In case there's dirt and dust hanging about, clean it up as well. It might seem like a daunting task but it's worth the efforts. After all the refining, you can bask in the satisfaction of getting it ready for its Halloween makeover. A haunted house has got to have horrific rooms, so depending on the width of your garage, you can make three to four rooms or sections. These will be areas where you can set up spooky decor.


    Unleash your inner Handyman

     Your haunted garage needs its rooms and this can be done by putting up wood panels to demarcate the various sections. It requires you to work as a handyman and create a framework based on the available space. You need tools and supplies such as duct tape, hammer, staples, staple gun, scissors, plastic wall anchors, 'O Hook' Wood Screw and a carpet knife. Preferably, the supplies ought to be in black or other dark colors. The gossamer fabric's length should be the same as the height from the top of your wireframe to the floor with a little hem allowance. 

     scary Pumpkin head prop

    You probably already have an idea of how you want your haunted house to look. The number of walls you put up usually determines how many rooms you get. Remember that you need a long strip of wood to add a new wall. To make a wall, you will hang gossamer on the wooden slats then hang them to the wires attached to the ceiling with 'O hooks'. This enables you to create inside rooms which you can spruce up with Halloween decorations


    Integrate lots of black


    Your garage might have windows that allow for sunlight. While this may be alright on a normal day, it doesn't fit in with the Halloween vibe. You have to keep things shadowy, pitch-black and rayless. You can conceal the windows by painting them black with water-based paint or simply hang pitch-black curtains to block out any daylight. The main aim is to incorporate black and dark colors in almost everything, then use the right lighting to bring out their creepy appeal. 


    Incorporate indoor decorations and accessories from your trusted Halloween store

    This part is pretty self-explanatory. Head on to Your Fright Shop and stock up on the indoor decorations and accessories needed to transform your garage into a haunted masterpiece. Place menacing props in each section, corner, and ceiling to achieve the haunted look. We have got you covered with Halloween decorations such as zombie photo props, animated zombie props, and even this gruesome zombie dog

    What's Halloween without the carved pumpkins? We bet no one ever forgets them. Make macabre Jack O'Lanterns with our pumpkin carving tools and place all around. Remember that the ceiling is also part of the indoors. You can haunt your visitors further with dangling spider webs, spooky glitter paper chandeliers, and these squeaky hanging rubber bats to round it up. Just make sure to hold them securely in place.

    Spooky Sounds For Halloween

    Don't forget the exterior

    Spooky sounds also add more fun and act as a scare factor in your haunted house. Feel free to experiment with scary stuff like this light and sound animated witch in the doorway to one of the ‘rooms’, or this motion-activated skull with glowing eyes. Halloween is all about good scary fun in one night, so don't hold back on the decorations -- the more the merrier. Of course, you’ll want to make sure everything is spread out. You don't want patches of decorations here and then spaces of emptiness elsewhere. Everywhere you look should have something eerily interesting. Even a wall full of fake spider webs or this scary peeping tom on the window is better than nothing.

    Scare up the exterior too

    No one’s going to notice your haunted house if the outside still looks like it’s August. You have to decorate your yard too and let it lead up to the real fright inside. Draw in your trick-or-treaters and party guests for the night with this 6-Foot Halloween inflatable eyeball and litter the yard with these inflatable pumpkins to get the vibe going. 


    Toss in this animater black cat to entertain those bold enough to cross the grave-ridden threshold in search of sugary goodies. Lastly, what's outdoor Halloween decoration without zombie arm lawn stakes and animated fog to prove that you mean business this year? Top of the look with led string lights, strategically placed at the many scary sights outside of your house. 


    Light it up in the eeriest ways

    haunted house lighting ideasNow that it's all grim and spooky inside your frightening house, the next step is to nail the lighting. For instance, you can spice it up with this Jack O'Lantern string light and these creepy-crawly purple spider lights to heighten the grimness. Bats are scary night creatures which should also feature in your haunted house.

    Imagine what horrors a color-changing flameless candle held by a ghost hand can conjure in a room with haunted by limbless ghosts. Implement these to illumine each obscure room. You should play around with drab shades to create a contrast. This way, you don't cast lights all over but enough to catch a glimpse of the scary zombies and other dreary props that you have set up. You'll feel like a Halloween party genius when everyone gasps in shock as they walk into your haunted house. 


    Fog it up


    Murky fog always comes to play when setting any horror scene right. Fogs can be quite scary because you never know what is lurking in the dense cold air. The faze hinders your sense of sight. You don't get to see but only feel and hear what goes on around you, making it even more appealing on such a night.

    Make your haunted house foggy with these foggers for a spine-chilling Halloween experience.  They are easy to set up and with just the press of a button, you can fill up each section of the garage with smoky vapor. The machine is pretty much weightless so you can move it around the nooks and crannies of your haunted house easily. 


    You can make it more mysterious with a fogger timer remote. The scope is really simple. When visitors are in your haunted house, they get thrilled when fog fills the whole place at set intervals. The suspense of what may happen next keeps everyone alert which makes it even more exciting. 


    Final Note


    haunted house setup tips




    That wasn't so hard, was it? You can now turn your garage into a haunted house in no time. It's all about Halloween fun, so go all out and make your house one of the highlights of Halloween in your neighborhood. We’d love to hear how you converted your garage into a haunted structure! Leave us a comment below with your story or share it with us on Facebook


    Your Fright Shop is your one-stop store for all your Halloween needs. Let us work with you to have the best Halloween ever. 



    Related Questions:

    Q: How do I turn up the scare factor with these decorations?

    A: Well, how about turning up the volume to a cringe-worthy soundtrack. Install speakers around your garage and let them blare out intermittent mixes of witch cackles, zombie groans, owls, and terrified screams. You'll be golden.

    Q: How long with these decorations take to put up?

    A: Our products are easy to set up and take down as well. They’re also fun to put together with your kids.

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