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Halloween is a fun time of year for kids and adults alike. All the cool costumes and yummy candy puts almost everyone in a good mood. However, this means that there will be more cars and people out than normal, particularly kids. Kids can be very unpredictable, so it's important to take extra steps to stay safe while on the road during Halloween. Here are a few tips for you to consider.

Be Extra Cautious

In an ideal world, kids will stay on the sidewalks and quietly walk in a line to the next house. This world is far from ideal. There will probably be kids darting from the sidewalks faster than you can blink. Studies show that not only are children four times more likely to get hit by cars on Halloween, but kids ages 4 to 8 have the greatest risk. Make sure you have good brakes and keep your eyes open for excited but distracted kids who are eager to get to the next house. You may even want to drive a little slower than normal.

Don't Drive Distracted

If ever there were a time to not text and drive, Halloween would be it. You should also avoid texting and other distracted driving behaviors while driving. All it takes is a one or two-second distraction for a disaster to happen. The best thing you can do is keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Make sure you aren't drinking or otherwise impaired. Don't answer ringing phones, and don't get distracted by all the fun and excitement happening around you. If your costume includes a mask, take it off for driving.

Watch Out for Predators

It's scary to think about, but with so many kids running about the neighborhoods, predators might also be out. These predators might not only be after kids, which is already bad enough, but they might decide that they need a car also. There have been reports of carjackers pretending to be hurt on Halloween just to lure people into their cars. Be smart and pay attention to any red flags you notice. Take additional safety precautions so you and your kids don’t get injured or otherwise harmed by predators.

Halloween is supposed to be a holiday of spooky fun for the family, but all the extra people and kids that will be out and about can make it more hazardous than usual. Be cautious, don't text and drive, and watch out for any strange people who could be predators. It's important that you take a lot of extra precautions while driving during Halloween. Use the three tips above to make your Halloween driving a safe and spooktacular experience.

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