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Halloween is unique among American holidays. While most emphasize wholesomeness and family time, Halloween is a time to “let loose” the demons and have a good time being naughty. Examples include pranks like spreading toilet paper across houses and yards and other (mostly harmless) misdeeds. However, it’s important to take some precautions to make sure that you can stay safe during this night of mischief-making. Here are a few tips on how to keep your family and your property protected during the night of October 31st so you and your family can have a good experience.

Stay Visible

One of the most dangerous aspects of Halloween is the tradition of trick-or-treating. This activity usually occurs beginning at dusk and continues well into the night. The primary concern is that drivers often experience difficulty seeing all of the children walking the streets. To make trick-or-treating safer for you and your family, make sure that you are wearing clothing that is clearly visible at night, ideally including reflectors. Encourage children to travel in large groups that make them easier to see. Practice mindfulness in terms of traffic to see dangers before they harm you.

Keeping the Toilet Paper Off Your House

“Decorating” houses by throwing rolls of toilet paper across houses and yards of friends and neighbors is a playful gesture during the holiday. If you drive through an average residential street the following morning, you’ll likely notice a large number of houses covered in white toilet paper. The less fun part of this tradition, though, is the cleanup. If possible, always avoid removing the toilet paper when it is wet. If the paper is moist, you might want to wait for it to dry to make the cleanup easier.

Protecting Your Car

Car damage, both from pranks and from car accidents, occurs frequently during Halloween. Pranks on cars often include saran wrapping the exterior (a labor-intensive process for the truly dedicated). Car accidents, on the other hand, are more serious matters. If you get into an accident, find out if you're in a fault or no-fault state so you can determine how to handle it.

Too Much Candy

Collecting and sharing candy is an important Halloween tradition. Just be careful to consume those Milky Ways and Skittles in moderation. Excessive sugar consumption, especially in children, is a major risk factor for disease.

While we enjoy the festivities of Halloween as much as anyone else, there are a few safety precautions you should consider to minimize any damages stemming from activities during All Hallow’s Eve. Statistically, Halloween is nearly twice as dangerous as any other day of the year. Exercise caution during the holiday and you’ll have a great time every year. Happy Halloween!

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