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Kids of any age love Halloween because of the excitement that it comes with, both for the kids themselves and adults around them. After all, who wouldn’t want to spruce up in a creepy outfit and enjoy free treats? But as a mom or dad, you always need to ensure that your children enjoy a safe Halloween. Try not to get too wrapped up in urban legends and dramatized tales about sharp items hidden in candy or hoodlums hidden in mask crowds. When it comes to real danger during Halloween, car accidents that involve kids are at the top of the list.

According to reports from, it is easy for kids to get hit by a vehicles during Halloween than at any other event or regular day. That is an alarming statistic. However, parents and guardians can proactively prepare their little ghosts and whatever character they represent to practice how to use the road as pedestrians on Halloween night. These are tips on action can take to ensure the safety of your kids throughout Halloween festivities:


How to Keep Your Kids Safe When Trick-Or-Treating


Plan for your kid’s trick-or-treating


Help them on being street smarts


Prevent instances of costume disasters


Caution your kids against sex offenders


Party Safety


Neighborhood Safety


Ensure your kid is visible to drivers.


Check your kid’s candy


The best way to make sure that your kids are safe during Halloween is to plan out their trick-or-treating route and teach them how to be careful when interacting with strangers in the night. If your kid is going to a Halloween party, you should guide them on how to stay safe.


  1. Plan for your kid’s trick-or-treating


Halloween can present a lot of responsibilities for you as a parent that has younger children as you have to dole out treats and escort your children out on their fun which involves getting sweets. It may look pretty tempting to want to allow your kids to go out alone for trick-or-treating; however, if your youngsters are under 12, a grown-up should always have to go with them.


Hire a sitter to go out with your kids or find a neighborhood parent who is happy to oversee a gathering of trick-or-treaters. For children above 12 years of age who can trick-or-treat with no adult chaperone, it's significant that they walk as a group and stick to areas with enough light. Parents must plan with their children, spell out trick-or-treat limits, and set rules regarding curfew, behavior, and safety.

  1. Brush up your kids on how to be street smart

Halloween comes with so much fun and excitement that when combined with the sugar rush, it can make even the most cautious child neglect to look both ways upon crossing the streets. It doesn’t matter whether you accompany your kids or they are mature enough to go for trick-or-treating by themselves, the importance of reviewing safety skills is fundamental as you allow these children to go out there in the bustling neighborhood streets.  Train your kids to look at drivers before crossing the road wherever they are and remind them to remain on sidewalks and paths and to observe all traffic laws, cross at legally acceptable crosswalks and comply with pedestrian signals at traffic lights. Note that drivers usually get distractions from several activities on their phones like text messages and email notifications. Pedestrians like your kids should always minimize their phone usage. 

  1. Prevent instances of costume disasters

Minor bumps and injuries resulting from increasingly dangerous falls can be avoided effortlessly with common sense.  First of all, every one of your kid’s outfit for Halloween should be fire-resistant and fitting enough to have the kid comfortable in them.  You can as well hem princess costumes and pirate pants to avoid hazards that might come via tripping. Pick adornments that don't obstruct your kid's vision and consider swapping the superhero mask for face paint with no toxic effect. Oversized shoes can likewise cause tumbles. Your youngster should put on comfortable sneakers. When it comes to props such as wands or toy swords, make sure they are soft and can’t be of any danger of unintended jabs and scratches. In case you want a photo op in complete Halloween appearance with your kids, put on the entire costume at home with all the accessories and take the photo at home before going out as you leave the less functional outfit pieces at home.

  1. Caution your kids against sex offenders

Before you go out, check if the area you live in has a database for sex offenders. That’s very critical but stay away from the sex offender’s door. Also, anyone can be a sex offender, so let your kids avoid entering just anyone’s home. If your kid is allowed to go out with you or with friends, ensure they know and understand what a sex offender is and how they should avoid their house irrespective of how best their Halloween decorations may appear and the candy they are giving out. 


  1. Party Safety

Much older children may forgo trick-or-treating for a party. Ensure that a parent will be in attendance and also know the time the party will end. It’s essential to ensure that you enjoy their independence safely. Downloading a personal safety app will help immensely.  This application helps you to check your kid’s GPS location to confirm their presence in the required destination. 

  1. Neighborhood Safety

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It will not be a smart idea to allow your kids to go out without any knowledge of what is going on at that time and later on. It is ideal for downloading a mapping app such as crimereport to be aware of areas of the neighborhood where criminal activities are happening, and with that, your precious child can also avoid them. For example,  areas, and doors of sex offenders.  Make use of the data to enable your child to strategize their trick-or-treat route. Let them discuss with you and even their peers about any off-limit zones or houses.

Before venturing out from home, make sure your youngster takes their cell phone as well as agree on how frequent they should be checking on you and when there is an issue. For instance, ask them what their reaction may be if offered alcohol or drugs or if invited into a stranger’s home in the course of trick-or-treating

  1. Ensure your kid is visible to drivers.

Apart for orientating you kids further on traffic rules, especially in the Halloween congestion and the hustle and bustle, the need to ensure all drivers can see your child on that Halloween night is critical. This means that you must watch out the type of costume and accessories that you purchase for your kid or allow them to put on in the streets with passing cars and bikes.

 Even though your little ninja may be frustrated, and demoralized, make dark colors a no-go-zone for them. Using tape that reflects on his or her costume and bags will be very visible to drivers. Further, giving your child a flashlight to take along would be great for more visibility.


  1. Check your kid’s candy


Though cases of tempered candy are rare, the importance of being cautious about the candy that enters your child’s mouth is still very critical. One never knows! Prevention is better than cure! Always make sure that your kids take a light and healthy dinner before they leave the house for trick-or-treating. That is how to dissuade your kids from the temptation of snacking while out. Personally inspect whatever they are taking along before they leave and get rid of any candy with tears, wrappers holes or indications of damage such as discoloration. Discard away candy that may be a choking hazard and check labels of all foods for food allergy. You might have to snag a couple of sweet treats too as a result, and that’s a bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many kids die on Halloween each year?

The statistic is scary: Car accidents that involve children on Halloween occur twice as much when compared to those with child victims on any other day throughout the year. So, taking precautions to protect your child is critical.  

What is the age for trick-or-treating on Halloween?

A majority of teenagers discontinue trick-or-treating somewhere around the ages of 12 and 16. However, above 16, they can still accompany the other kids and go door to door. 

 Do kids with food allergies trick-or-treat?

Yes, they do! Everyone wants to partake in the tradition of Holloween, which brings together friends, classmates, and family members? On Halloween, you just want to share the love of sharing and dressing weird.  A lot of kids with food allergies still go out to trick-or-treat, and while doing so, they are quite aware that giving their candy to others is the right thing because it’s a safe and healthy thing to do.  They are made to understand that their fun is more in giving than receiving and the costume they put on.


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