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Halloween is one of the biggest fun times in a year for children, families, and adults wearing varieties of exciting costumes and attending Halloween parties. When it comes to cats, Halloween can be very dangerous and stressful because of the unfamiliar and unsettling sounds and sights. Unfortunately, since the 17th century, some people have always wrongly associated cats, especially black ones to witchcraft, and therefore subjecting them to vicious abuses and mostly on Halloween holiday. To ensure that your cat is safe during the Halloween season, keep it indoors and monitor the Halloween activities taking place in your home. Here are various ways through which you can keep your cat safe on Halloween.




How To Keep Your Cat Safe on Halloween


Part 1. Transition Your Cat to Indoor Only


Stop letting your cat go outside.


Provide your cat’s needs indoors


Calm your kitty down


Part 2: Confining Your Cat to Indoor Safety


Monitor the use of candles


Be careful each time you open the door for trick-or-treaters


Distant your cat from all Halloween candy and decorations


Monitor your kitty closely if you put a Halloween costume on it


Request your guests to respect your cat.


Part 3: Providing Cat Distractions During Halloween


Give your cats gifts


Have fun playing together


Try pheromones


The impact of playing soothing music



Part 1. Transition Your Cat to Indoor Only


  1. Stop letting your cat go outside. During the Halloween holiday, cats are exposed to severe danger outdoors. This ranges from being frightened by Halloween spooky costumes and decorations to the spikes in animal abuse that come especially on this holiday. The ideal way to protect your cat, from harm is to keep it indoors before and during Halloween.
  • You can start keeping your cat indoors a week before and after the Halloween holiday. Remember that many holiday parties also take place on days outside the Halloween holiday, meaning your pet is not safe this time.
  • What if you plan to throw a Halloween party in your home? Consider confining your kitty to an inaccessible room for visitors. That’s how to keep your cat safe from accidentally being led outside into the shocking Halloween party activities by carefree party guests.
  1. Provide your cat’s needs indoors: Ensure that your cat gets all it needs inside your home such as indoor food, drinking water, various toys, a clean litter box, and identification such as a cat-safe collar comprising an ID tag. Also, you can get your cat microchipped. Provided you don’t know; a microchip is a pretty tiny, permanent identification and harmless device technologically developed and inserted just beneath the skin of a cat by your veterinarian. It takes only a few seconds to carry out the procedure, and it’s painless.


  1. Calm your kitty down: If your kitty is used to an outdoor lifestyle, it will certainly not be happy when forced to remain indoors during the Halloween season. Remember that your kitty won’t know that it’s a temporary arrangement and would become more visibly frustrated.
  • In the face of all this, do your best to soothe your kitty. Play with and pet it.
  • Also, offer your lovely cat treats to calm it down.
  • Do not force cuddles from your cat if it still feels upset and scared. Just give it a standard treatment alongside spending quality fun time with it. Using a cat pheromone diffuser is another effective way to soothe your lovely cat.


Part 2: Confining Your Cat to Indoor Safety


  1. Monitor the use of candles. On Halloween, lots of people use candles and jack-o’-lanterns. This makes Halloween quite fun and festive, but the dangers to your curious kitty are serious. If you must light some candles and jack-o’-lanterns inside your home, monitoring them will be a must.
  • Extinguishing candles and jack-o’-lanterns at bedtime is inevitable for cat safety. Never forget it.
  1. Be careful each time you open the door for trick-or-treaters. Opening your door many times will probably startle your outdoor-type kitty.
  • If you suspect that your cat might want to escape out of the door, keep it inside a room and close it when you receive trick-or-treaters.
  1. Distant your cat from all Halloween candy and decorations. Protect your cat from ingesting candy and chocolate, because that’ll be deadly. A cupboard is a perfect place to keep them inside for the moment.
  • Halloween decorations can also be a source of danger to cats, from tangled in ribbons, fake spider webs which cats can even be eating them.
  • Also, watch out for your cat attempting to eat candy wrappers that can make it choke or suffer from wrappers stuck in its digestive track.
  1. Monitor your kitty closely if you put a Halloween costume on it. Always make sure your cat stays beside you in costume and remove the costume if you are entering the room or leaving its side.
  2. Request your guests to respect your cat. Your Halloween visitors may not understand the safety your cat needs. Let them know the precautions you’ve put in place to safeguard your cat.
  • Caution your guests not to dispose any Halloween candy in a spot where your cat can access.
  • Educate little children on how to treat your cat.
  • Teaching children the right way to interact with animals and notably on Halloween is essential for safety sake.
  • Teach the children that running around with their costumes, making loud and unnecessary noises, scares the cat and is therefore not acceptable.
  • Ask children not to leave the door open, which will let the cat out.


Part 3: Providing Cat Distractions During Halloween


1: Give your cats gifts. Halloween usually comes with unfamiliar noises and visitors that can make life so stressful for cats. If you give your cat treats, they calm its nerves, distracting it from the unusual distressing sounds.

  • Give it only healthy treats, so that the Halloween season shouldn’t affect the health and weight of your cat negatively.

2: Have fun playing together. Create some quality playing time to have fun with your kitty, and that will distract it from the startling noises and sight.

3: Try pheromones:  pheromones are chemicals produced naturally by cats. When cats touch something, they rub off these chemicals on them, producing a calming effect which cats need. Scientists have produced some versions of cat pheromones which are now sold in pet shops for cats that are feeling stressful or agitated.

  • You can find the pheromones and plug-in diffusers, spray-on options, or special collars that contain pheromones.
  • Your cat shouldn’t put on a pheromone collar every time or live in a home with a pheromone diffuser in every room.
  1. The impact of playing soothing music. An effective way to distract your pet from the distressing noises is to play the type of music that invokes an atmosphere of reassuring calmness. Pick some of the appealing sounds your cat is familiar with and play. That’s another way to mask any unfamiliar sounds that are startling your lovely cat.
  • Choosing classical music will be ideal, as well as any music with a soothing melody.


At the close of the Day

When the commotion is over, and you’ve have gotten rid of all the dangerous items that made your weird Halloween decorations appreciate your kitty with a huge hug for being a good family member during the Halloween festivities. Be grateful that your cat put up with all the noisy and strange humans. Allow it to sniff around the house to reclaim its territory. That’s the time indulging in some play together, as usual, might bring the relief he naturally needs to pent-up stress.

Going Forward

There are several amusements that the outdoors hold for your cat. However, never forget that safety should always be your number one priority during this dangerous season for cats. Sadists and miscreants are fond of looking for cats to abuse at this time, and therefore staying with your cat outside is still dangerous. The fact is, it’s safer to keep cats indoors than outdoors. You can use the Halloween season as a time to transition your cat from an outdoor into an indoor kitty. That’ll secure your cat forever within the confines of your house.

Making the indoor environment convenient to your feline is very important in this regard. Your cat has to feel comfortable in its new life with all that surrounds it. So, you need to bring in comfy perches of different heights, strong scratching posts, and curious hiding places. Also, you will have to involve yourself in daily interactive fun times, such as playing with your cat to stimulate it mentally and physically.  Remember, mental and physical exercise is inevitable for your cat, and more so to the one indoors. Pet owners are always so fulfilled to know that their cat is safe and happy. There’s nothing more important about your cat on the Halloween season than doing everything possible to ensure its safety and good health.


Frequent Asked Questions


Do people actually abuse black cats on Halloween?


The Halloween season comes with the fear that black cats will be hunted in the neighborhoods or falsely adopted just to be made victims of ritualistic abuse and sacrifice. There are sadists, miscreants and ignorant people who believe the old myth associates cats to witchcraft and for such archaic reasons, they abuse cats in general and black cats in particular on Halloween. Keeping your cat safe indoors during the Halloween season is what you must do.


What does the black cat symbolize on Halloween?


Most of the West, especially Europe, view the black cat as a sign of bad luck provided it’s seen walking across the path just in front of someone. This bad omen thing is even associated with misfortune or death, and it comes from the dark ages. Such a mindset shouldn’t exist in the 21st century.


Can cats wear dog costumes on Halloween?


Yes, it can if the costume is for a very small puppy. Another thing about cats is that they usually quickly grow irritated by wearing clothing. If you wear clothes on your cat during Halloween, make sure you don’t let your cat stay for long in them. And never leave your cat alone while in costume. Besides, it’s quite helpful to wear a sweater on a hairless cat when the fall and winter are making the weather unbearable for your cat.

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