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Having the right ideas for a scary decoration in your home and yard to stun your neighbors and everyone passing by or visiting your home is a great idea for Halloween. If you are yet to decide on what scary way to decorate your home, then we have great ideas you should consider.  These ideas are meant to transform your garden or front porch into a strikingly mesmerizing and spooky landscape for ghosts, zombies, bats, scarecrows, black crows, witches, spiders, skeletons, wreath, lanterns and many more.  Take a look at our DIY outside Halloween decoration to stun your neighbors.   

Tape Ghosts: This is super fascinating DIY idea and it involves the use of clear packaging tape to create tape ghosts. Make small tape babies or shiny tape adult ( as in the Crafty Geek), scary tape legs and tape people with ghost bottoms flowing (like in Mark Jenkins).


DIY Outside Halloween Decoration to Stun Your Neighbors


Head in a Jar


Chicken Wire Ghost


Outdoor Witch Decor


Climbing Halloween Skeletons


Cool Cut Head


Budget Bodies


Creepy Spider Sacs


Gigantic Inflatable Skeleton Drink Cooler


Ghost Made from Gourds


Dead and Breakfast Inn


The Harry Potter Great Wall


Cloaking Skeleton-Hands Ghost




Head in a Jar


It is a very spooky and easy-to-make illusion.  Laminate a piece of paper with a picture of a human head. Put it in a jar and add some water. Cover it and place it in inside such that face is clearing visible and looking real from outside. The first perspective works well. You can even use a picture of your scan head. Your neighbor won't believe how stunning it appears.


Chicken Wire Ghost


Check out this idea! Secretly craft these ghosts using a wire and set it at the backyard without letting anyone at home know. Come back inside and yell as if innocently, “Hey do you see something back there? Your partner, roommate, friend or spouse will freak-out really hard upon seeing the scary ghosts.


Outdoor Witch Decor


With the life-size witch statue like this, you are sure to grab all the attention. Craft a witch that will be stirring some concoction inside a large pot. Check out this picture and see the accessories you need to mount on your yard to the spooky ghost scene work.  With the Silhouette witch pattern accompanying the tutorial, it is more convenient. You just have to enlarge and print it will big. Let it be a big plywood-cut-out witch. It should be worth a look that can give anyone goosebumps when they see it for the first time.


 Climbing Halloween Skeletons


What of making your decoration stunning enough to be Halloween's news of the town.  You can cut out some budget-friendly blue plastics into house climbing skeletons. Place them to appear as if they are climbing up your house. Your neighbors will freak-out at first sight. Doing this décor right will automatically transform your home into a bone-chilling decoration that looks more like a haunting den which features skeletons that are climbing. That will pretty frightening stuff for your neighbors. These climbing skeletons are among some of the best scary DIY Halloween ideas ever. It's an easy project to get realized.


 Cool Cut Head


You don't have your pudding without eating your meat. This one is the display of quality meat for your Halloween party. People with no knowledge of Stefanie Schiada over at Brooklyn Limestone should get used to her decorations because they are the ultimate creativity that makes stunning Halloween outdoor decoration ideas.


 Budget Bodies

Get a couple of trash bags and use duct tape to mold the body out of them. Use more backs to cover them and end with using a clear bag. Now you have created Dexter-like collections of scary bodies. However, be careful not to be in trouble with the police for this particular decoration. So, take the shortest quality time possible to finish it.  


Creepy Spider Sacs


To enjoy the festival with you are petit trick-or-treaters, supplement your Halloween décor with some elements of ooey-gooey by designing your DIY spider sacs. Hang them at your entrance and make sure they appear really creepy. The procedure should involve collecting both small and larger, all-white tights, baseballs plus a hot glue gun and other spooky results will manifest.


Dead and Breakfast Inn


Any plans to throw a party during Halloween? It works so well if you craft this super scary Dead and Breakfast Board with skeletons greeting as well as a concierge ghoulish. Position the tired bones in a hospitality graveyard. BHG is where to find a step-by-step guide on how to come up with these frightening the decoration. Welcoming guests at your front door this way creates a memorable Halloween terror.


Ghost Made from Gourds

No one will imagine gourds being crafted into tiny ghosts using just a bit of creativity, in not more than 5 minutes. Create additional members to your house on Halloween by coming up with the scary adorable gourds. This can also make a last-minute Halloween inspiration which does not require professional skills, but just creative DIY ideas. The material includes gourds of differing sizes, white spray paint, cheesecloth and any black marker you find. It is an easy-to-pull-off décor for this Halloween season.  


Gigantic Inflatable Skeleton Drink Cooler

For those that are good At DIY decoration, this massive inflatables skeleton does not have so much work to put in. You need to just have it inflated. What of going to a party store to buy the necessary human limbs and put in their ice bucket? That would be scary and yet fun stuff.


 The Harry Potter Great Wall


It may be complicated to go through, but the end results will be worth it for a badass Halloween. To create the floating candle illusion, you need to get a cardboard paper, towel rolls and paint them white. Add flickering LED lights on the top and string them using fishing wire. You won’t believe the amazing Harry Potter background, you have created.


 Cloaking Skeleton-Hands Ghost


What a super scary demo decoration this DIY idea brings? This involves cloaked ghosts that make them so, so mysterious. Additionally, these skeletons make it even more frightening. Why browsing flickr we found these interesting decorations and they are really quite inspirational.

Witch Broom and Halloween Signs

Creatively give your punch a spooky and witch looking Halloween gift by crafting a DIY witch broom together with the type of signboards that can transform your yard into a bone-chilling arena for the scariest of witches. It has to do with easy-to-make and understand guide on how to make a witch broom by yourself, using plenty of long and short sticks. The learning process also lets you know how to create Halloween signs, a room parking, and a Dead and Breakfast Inn. The scariest and more creative your Halloween décor looks, the most fun and memorable your Halloween will be.


Skeleton life


Check out these frightening skeletons going about with their regular daily activities. They look natural and insanely spooky especially for anyone approaching your home unawares. Your neighbors will definitely freak-out upon seeing the skeletons. Take a look at the DIY steps on how to create a scene via helpfulhomemade.


Haunted House

Take a look at yet another awesome idea that creates a haunted house. If you are used to DIY projects, this scary Halloween house will not be difficult to create. Making a lot of spooky and attention-seeking decorations for both the interior and outside of your house is a smart Halloween décor idea.  Take a look at the inspiring ideas on Instructables.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you do your Halloween house decoration

21st October is a popular time to begin decorating your yard and interior of the house for Halloween. Besides, the scale of the decoration you are aiming to put forth determines your starting week.

How can I spend less to decorate for my Halloween?

Be creative in a DIY way. For example, go for the wicked Witch Candy Dish. With this one, you have to turn a single pair of old heels to cheap Halloween decorations by making them look like bewitching candy bowl. Take a cheap bright paper and wrap the heels inside, then decorate them and have them filled with any type of Halloween treats.

Who doesn’t celebrate Halloween?

Jehovah's Witnesses: It’s not only Halloween they don’t celebrate but all other holidays including even birthdays.  For Christians, some have beliefs that associate Halloween with Satanism or paganism and for that reason do not celebrate it. Orthodox Jews don’t celebrate Halloween because it has origins of being a Christian holiday.

How long can you leave Halloween decorations up?

You can leave them there for over a week or two after Halloween is over, though two weeks perhaps pushes it a little far. You can take out your turkey décor the day after Thanksgiving as most people do.

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