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Setting up the witchy scene for Halloween can be expensive. From purchasing costumes for your kids to finding an appropriate outfit for yourself, things add up.
Whether you are planning a get together with friends or host a scary movie marathon, home décor is a special part of the holiday. If you are looking to save money on home décor this holiday season and have fun doing it, then read on to find out the best DIY Halloween decoration for your home.

DIY Oversized Spiders is the best, easy decoration to set up for your home this Halloween. All you need are big faux spiders, faux spiderwebs, and your imagination. You can also combine this set up with spooky skulls, pumpkin and lights!

Table of Contents

Making Creepy Cocktails and Jack-O'-Lanterns Using Dry Ice
No. Top 7 Home Halloween Decoration
1. Spooky Spiders DIY Décor
2. Spooky Spell Library Décor
4. Black Pumpkin Cats
5. Man-Eating Plants
6. Hanging Bats: Outdoor décor
7. Spooky Banister Owls



Spooky Spiders DIY Décor


This is an easy to craft, Halloween DIY décor that you can set up quickly at home. The scary spiders are perfect for both indoor and outdoor setting. Why not do this with you kids, friends or romantic partner?

 Things you’ll need:

  • faux big spiders
  • faux spider webs

Optional items:

  • Foam balls (big and small sizes)
  • Black acrylic paint.
  • Pumpkin
After you get the items listed above, you can then start closing in the spider webs (as a spider would) at your front porch, feel free to use thin wooden rods to hold the webs together. You can also add pumpkin faces on the floor, or paint foam balls all black or orange to create mini faces and use smaller balls/googly eyes for eyes to creep out your neighbors.


Spooky Spell Library Décor

This look is perfect for when you really want to creep your guests, but that’s the idea, right? All you need is any several books of different sizes, leather (from a new hide) enough to make book cut-outs, sharp scissors, and glue. You should preferably use old looking leather to give your books that vintage look.

  • Go ahead and cut out pieces of leather enough to create the perfect cover for your books.
  • Use glue to cover the books with the old leather cut-outs (as book covers)
  • Place them in your living room in several stacks along with candles and skull faces to complete the look. You can also add several transparent jars of water with faux red flowers near the scene.


Black Pumpkin Cats


This décor is the perfect fun activity for older kids during the ghost holiday. Younger kids can also do this with a little guidance from a crafty adult

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Faux pumpkin of various sizes and shapes.
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black craft paint
  • Craft sticks
  • White craft paper

After you get these items, go ahead and create cutouts for cat eyes, nose and ears from the craft paper using the scissors. You then need to draw and paint the eye, nose, and ears on the cutouts, making the features more realistic. After finishing this part, paint the pumpkin black, then glue the various facial features and lastly add the whiskers using craft sticks.


Making Creepy Cocktails and Jack-O'-Lanterns Using Dry Ice


Hosting a Halloween party? Consider using dry ice to simulate a haunted home. Before using dry ice, you should always remember the following:

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. It cannot be ingested or touched with bare hands. Touching dry ice with bare hands could cause burning at the site of contact. Always use tongs or similar devices to interact with dry ice.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • tray
  • safety goggles (recommended)
  • hammer
  • screwdriver or chisel
  • tongs

To create creepy cocktails, break a small piece of dry ice and add it into the drink. Let it sink to the bottom, and as it breaks away into carbon dioxide vapor, it  creates a haunted potion effect. Be sure to remind your guests, not to ingest the ice.

Small sips of the haunted drink are fine, as long as the dry ice is left at the bottom of the glass to melt away fully.

Haunted Jack-O'-Lanterns scene: To create this, purchase faux or real pumpkins and create cut-outs. Add a bowl inside the pumpkin with the dry ice In it. Set it up where you want and add warm water to start the ice vaporization process. The vapor will create the perfect haunted house effect for your guests.


Man-Eating Plants

Man-Eating Plants

Do you have a backyard garden or indoor plants? Give your flowers or garden plants a makeover this Halloween. Convert the most innocent looking plants into angry, man-eating beasts.

 Here’s what you need:

Once you have the items ready, simply start cutting your pipe in sizes relevant to the height of your flowers or plants. You can then paint the pipes based on your flower or plant theme.

Next, cut-out your craft balls to create an impression of a wide-open mouth and decorate both the inside and outside of the ball.

To complete your décor, stick the pipe to the headpiece and glue the vampire teeth into the mouth cut-out. Fit the finished piece in the vase along with the flower or plant so that they stick out and blend in with the leaves or branches.


Hanging Bats: Outdoor décor


This is one of the best vivid outdoors Halloween decoration. Give your tree a makeover using readily available items.

 Here’s what you’ll need:

  • googly eyes
  • Black craft foam
  • fishing line
  • craft paper
  • glue

To create this look, simply make a bat-shaped cut-out from the black craft foam. After cutting the first bat, you can use the shape as a template to cut as many bats as you need.

Next, glue two googly eyes on each bat face and pork a hole at the bottom of each cut out for the fishing line.To finish up, insert the finishing line on each bat cut-out and hang them proudly on your tree. Make sure the bats are faced upside-down.


Spooky Banister Owls









If you are looking for a mysterious way to invite your neighbors during the ghost holiday, then consider this home front décor. These owls will stare into your soul from dawn to dusk.

 Here’s what you’ll need:

  • kraft paper
  • plywood
  • pen or markers
  • scissors
  • jigsaw
  • sanding pads
  • hammer and small nails
  • paint
  • black vinyl

Once you have the materials needed, simply create an owl template cut-out from a kraft paper. Use it to develop owl cut-outs on the plywood using the saw. After cutting as many spooky owls as needed; draw, color, and glue the eyes on the plywood using the craft paper and paint the owl cut-outs all black. Next, use your hammer to nail the hanger at the back of the owl cut-out.

To finish up your décor cut small pieces from the black vinyl and glue them on the front of the board to simulate owl feathers. Hang the owls both indoors and outdoors, and you are all set!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where can I purchase items materials needed for home decoration?

You can purchase Halloween decoration items from both online and local stores. Things needed to create the DIY decorations above can be purchased at your local Walmart, or other hardware and antique store. You can also follow the link below and select the best DIY materials for Halloween 2019.

2. What are the best color combinations for home Halloween decorations?

Although making DIY Halloween decoration gives you the freedom of creativity, you should consider the following color combinations when designing your spooky night.

  • Orange + Purple + Black
  • Rust Orange + Chocolate Brown
  • Red + Black
  • Orange + Black
  • Black + Blue
  • Green + Black
  • Purple + Orange
  • Green + Tan
  • Black + White
  • Green + Purple

3. How best to decorate glass windows for Halloween?

The best and easy way to decorate your glass windows during Halloween is by using Halloween themed stickers. Bats, witches, cemeteries or pumpkins – let your creativity do the talking.

If you own a bar, store, or restaurant, you can also use your glass window to place Halloween offers for customers using creative spooky stickers.


As you prepare to go out and scare your town, leave your home looking the part this holiday while spending less. Choose your style for both indoor and outdoor decoration and have fun! You can also encourage others to join in on the fun. Find the artistic one in your cycle and have them bring these decorations to life.

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