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Halloween comes every year, and like adults, kids also dress as one of their favorite characters. It could be anything from food, movies, history, and animals, bought from a costume store, online or by homemade DIY.

Halloween is also a time that kids eat a lot of candy. No wonder, kids particularly love this season. Halloween costume ideas for kids are just countless and have we have selected only the best of those ideas for Halloween 2019. It always depends on what costume a kid wants personally and how much time, effort, and expenses the parents are willing to put in.

The best ideas are not necessarily about the size of your budget but creativity and how much relevance and fun the costume entails.



Best Halloween Ideas for Kids 2019


Harry Potter Gryffindor Child's Costume Robe


Sheface Kids Leopard Spandex Halloween Costume


Soft Fabric Butterfly Wings




Red Power Ranger Dino Charge Costume


Fun World Muscle Shirt


   Star Wars’ the Force Awakens Child's Super Deluxe               Stormtrooper Costume


     Lara Jean


    Paw Patrol Marshall Child Costume


    Kai Deluxe Ninjago Lego Costume



Our pick for the best overall Halloween costume idea for your kids this year is Harry Potter Gryffindor Child's Costume Robe. This costume will impress most kids like the classic remake of Harry Potter’s mesmerizingly scary wizard character.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Child's Costume Robe


Straight from Harry Potter’s beloved book series, this costume is a licensed product, and you won’t be wrong to suggest it to your child if they haven’t strongly requested to get any other outfit yet.  It is a unisex robe that is not only authentic and affordable but also perfect at school. Get this topper in your child's backpack as they leave for school. This long-sleeved robe is ankle-length and embodies every feature of the Gryffindor robe, an attention-grabbing Gryffindor House crest, a burgundy lining and a hood attached to it.  Don’t forget the wand, glasses and a lightning scar, shaped like a bolt to stands for Harry Potter himself.

 Sheface Kids Leopard Spandex Halloween Costume


Does your kid love big wild cats? This leopard Halloween costume is a perfect way to have your kid look like a big fresh cat from the wild. It is a one-piece bodysuit, and that is head-to-toe with a zipper at the back and a full-coverage hood to zip to it. Your child will make a great stage performance, kids’ Halloween party and nice walks around. Kids Leopard Spandex Halloween costumes come in multiple print colors for your child to pick theirs.


 Soft Fabric Butterfly Wings


Here is the best budget Halloween costume for your kid. The price tag is great, unlike the others that may create a hole in your pocket. This Butterfly Wings costume is so well priced that it sells at the same price as your kid's lunch and don’t forget, it is a great disguise costume for your child’s Halloween look. No quality is being sacrificed here. It’s just one of those products that sell cheaper than their high value.

Reviewers appreciate the realistic wings though they look simple with as many as eight impression designs. Adding a special touch that includes black pipe cleaners which attach a butterfly antenna to the headband is simply awesome.

With a black dress or leggings on, throw the butterfly wings over your child’s shoulders and let the fun begin. They can go spreading their wings from one house to another as they are trick-or-treating.




Food costumes are always some of the best costumes in the costume industry, and donuts are an adorable type of food. Your kid will be impressed to dress up as this big ol’ donut. Crafting this work of art by DIY is simple. You first of all just have to get a spray-paint can and spray straight on the tube and then put a hot glue gun to use. Spray one side after another and let it dry fully.


 Red Power Ranger Dino Charge Costume


We think you have noticed how “Power Rangers” a ‘90s television classic, has continuously stolen the hearts of youngsters for decades. Don’t be surprised when your tot shows some real love in their enormous morphin' action as they move from one door to another for the Halloween treat collection.


Fun World Muscle Shirt

What a fun costume this gear is for your kid on Halloween. This costume is a kid bodybuilder’s muscle body-like shirt than will turn your kid into a Halloween sensation. They are sold in varying sizes for all ages, from adolescence to youth. Get them sunglasses together with a gym bag and let the trick-or-treating fun begin. Your kid will attract attention to this one, and people will ask to take photos with them. Pretty funny!


Unicorn in the Clouds Candy Catcher Costume


Is your kid(s) a fan of clouds, unicorns, and sweets? Make their dream come true with this Candy Catchers Unicorn floating in the clouds and collecting sweets and treats while in this fantasy Halloween Costume.

Features of the costume include blue top, leggings, wings, and a headband that includes an attached horn. They have made it more fun by attaching a feature for candy catching that carries all your kid’s treats. This girl’s unicorn candy catcher costume offers kids some stylish fun, and all that flying feels like and that’s the magical unicorn your child needs to be this Halloween.


Star Wars’ the Force Awakens Child's Super Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume


Here is one the best movie character for Halloween ideas for your kid if they are a fan of Star Wars. They will cherish the idea of making themselves one of the stars of the primary ground force, the Galactic Empire during this Halloween. It’s an authentic and officially licensed costume. No wonder, it has that rare realistic look. It can fit a child of 39 inches tall, 60 inches tall and those with 100 pounds. So, it covers several age ranges and comes with all the accessories that make it an excellent choice for a complete Star Wars’ look. They include the deluxe jumpsuit, its foam armor facets, a 2-piece helmet, a belt, and a cape.


Lara Jean


This simple costume made from a plaid skirt and a pink cardigan can be taken further by creating a background with a light heart-shape poster using your lovely drawings, messages, and decorations.


Paw Patrol Marshall Child Costume


Are you looking for a Halloween costume idea that will excite your child and have them enjoy their most memorable Halloween? Here is an officially licensed costume that makes the Halloween version of the super-popular kid’s show Paw Patrol. Toddlers will recognize and love it. The costume is designed in wide-ranging sizes and covers babies of between 6 months and age 10. Alongside the costume, is a Dalmation-printed jumpsuit that includes a red top attached to it. It also comprises a fire hat-print headpiece, featuring attached ears, plus a backpack also meant for helping keep your trick-or-treater. It’s easy for your child to slip into and have as much fun as possible.


 Kai Deluxe Ninjago Lego Costume

Your child may adore toy characters. If they do, discuss with them about the movie; Lego Ninjago, which is a couple of years old but remains a recurrent favorite for most homes with kids. This best toy character; Kai Deluxe Ninjago Lego Costume comes in different sizes, and if your kids are between the ages of four and 12 years old, they will make a great Halloween transformation into any of their favorite Lego Ninjago characters. The costume is officially licensed and comes fully packaged. You get all there is for the character of your choice. It gets the entire body covered, meaning that it’s a one-time buy. The structure features a built top, built pants, half mask, and great Lego hands. Perfect costume for trick-or-treating or Halloween parade marching, if they live in states with a colder climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did children toss flour on Halloween?

In the Samhain era, kids threw food for traveling spirits as a way to appease them to prevent any ill intentions they might have had as they journeyed. It also was a way of sitting passing spirits down for a rest.

How many kids get lose their lives on Halloween?

It’s so unfortunate that drivers cause such horrible accidents on fun days like Halloween. It is imperative that your kid understands the risks and only visits somewhere familiar during the holidays to avoid unwanted consequences. You can also have older kids escort younger siblings as they trick or treat.

Why is Halloween good for your kids.

The element of creativity that comes with DIY costume ideas which kids develop and learn is worth it. They learn a spectrum of craft skills, especially when they watch or participate in making their own Halloween costumes.

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