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Halloween is usually characterized by creative costumes and candy, but the holiday would be nothing without an assortment of wickedly spooky decorations. The entire neighborhood stops by on October 31 so don’t shy away from pulling out all the stops.

Fix up the front porch and yard with these cool outdoor decorations from Your Fright Shop and make your trick-or-treaters will feel especially welcome—or maybe too scared to even approach the front door. It all depends on the Halloween vibe you're going for. Either way, the season comes alive when the scary spooky decorations are in place.

spooky outdoor decorations

Feeling ambitious? Give your home some exclusive 'spooktacular' designs with these five easy outdoor decorations for Halloween: 

  • Set the tone with a Pumpkin Reaper
  • Dare visitors to knock your door with a Hanging Cocoon Corpse
  • Throw in some comic relief with Witch legs In Pot Decoration
  • Spook trick or treaters with a Dead Tree With Ghost, Owl, and Pumpkin
  • Top the outdoor design with a Dracula Vampire Yard Decoration

  • Airblown Inflatable Light Pumpkin Reaper

    Airblown Inflatable Light Pumpkin ReaperThis inflatable light pumpkin reaper is definitely a Halloween favorite. It sparks up your day and night with its spookiness. Kids will be very excited and scared at the same time at the sight of the reaper stretching those scrawny looking fingers. The grown-ups will be awed as they stand to pose for those exclusive Halloween photographs. This decoration is pretty easy to set up. The package contains all the necessary tools for both inflating and deflating. Let your Halloween come to life with the  Airblown inflatable light pumpkin reaper to spook up your yard. 


    • Self Inflates in Moment, Inflated Size: 32" L x 31" W x 48" H
    • Lights Up for Better Nighttime Viewing
    • Deflates Back Down for Easy Storage
    • Everything Included: Inflator Fan, Ground Stakes, and Tethers
    • Great for Indoor and Outdoor; Easy Set-Up

    72-Inch Hanging Cocoon Corpse

    72-Inch Hanging Cocoon CorpseInflict sheer terror on your party guests and trick-or-treaters with this 72-inch hanging cocoon corpse. It comes with the hooks and is easy to set up. At a massive 72 inches, t's the battle of the scariest this Halloween and this cocoon corpse decoration helps you kill it (pun intended). This spooky cocoon corpse on your front porch will scare the hell out of your guest. The essence is to be in the spirit of the festival and this decoration makes that point. 


    • Self Inflates in Moment, Inflated Size: 43.3" L x 82.7" W x 95.7" H
    • Lights Up for Better Nighttime Viewing
    • Deflates Back Down for Easy Storage
    • Everything Included: Inflator Fan, Ground Stakes, and Tethers
    • Great for Indoor and Outdoor; Easy Set-Up

    4-Foot Halloween Inflatable Witch legs In Pot Decoration

    4-Foot Halloween Inflatable Witch legs In Pot DecorationAdd more spookiness to your yard with this 4 foot tall Halloween inflatable witch legs in pot decoration. What’s not to love? It's very easy to set up and can be used year after year. Plus, it looks funny enough to distract from the many other “horrors” of the night perching around the outside of your home. 


    • Self Inflates in Moment
    • Lights Up for Better Nighttime Viewing
    • Deflates Back Down for Easy Storage
    • Full package: Inflator Fan, Ground Stakes, and Tethers
    • Great for Indoor and Outdoor; Easy Set-Up

    8-Foot Dead Tree with Ghost, Owl, and Pumpkin

    8 Foot Dead Tree with Owl, Ghost and PumpkinsThis 8-footed tree with owl, ghosts, and pumpkins is exactly what you need in your yard to get Halloween rolling. After all, Halloween outdoor decorations are incomplete without ghosts, owls, and pumpkins. Not only are these items in line with true Halloween decor, but the dead tree helps complete the look, giving off a unique scary appeal to your home. This decoration is inflatable making for ease of storage after Halloween until next year. 


    • 8 Foot Tall
    • East set up
    • Self-inflating feature
    • Easy storage
    • Lights up
    • Comes with blower, and tethers and anchors for lawn

    4 Foot Halloween Inflatable Dracula Vampire Yard Decoration

    4 Foot Halloween Inflatable Dracula Vampire Yard DecorationFeature the famous Count Dracula among your Halloween outdoor decorations this year. It comes with internal lighting which allows for better nighttime viewing as well as picture taking. This inflatable Dracula is also easy to store after use. 


    • 4 Foot Tall
    • Lights Up
    • Blower, Tethers, and spikes included
    • Quick inflation time

    Your Fright Shop is equipped with more than enough outdoor decorations and accessories to make your home as Halloween ready as can be. Don't forget the lighting decorations and foggers as well, since they are the best way to add that extra spook to the rest of your decorations. 

    Halloween Decoration Storage Ideas

    Did you know that according to the National Retail Federation, an estimated $1.9 billion is spent annually on decorations alone in the US? Now that you’ve sorted out the ideal outdoor decorations, it’s time to figure out what to do with them once Halloween passes and you turn your thoughts towards Thanksgiving

    When it comes to packing away Halloween decorations and costumes until next October, you’ll find that there are few obstacles unique to these spooky items that often require a bit of preparation and effort on your part. This is because Halloween decorations are often bulky and oddly shaped, and sometimes they’ve been stuck on a tree or in the mud for so long that they could use a little extra care to take down. All this means is that taking down and storing your Halloween decorations might take a little bit of time, but you’ll be grateful you spent a little extra effort storing them properly in the long run. Here’s some ideas worth considering: 

  • Sort, sort, sort -- The best thing about sorting through your Halloween decorations is that you can start the process while they are still up. Simply walk around, making a list of all the Halloween items and marking those you want to keep, what needs to be thrown out or recycled, and what you can donate to Goodwill or pass on to family or friends.

    • Storing Inflatable Decorations -- You can easily deflate that 8-foot tall dead tree by unplugging it from its machine. But, once you’re done spot cleaning or power washing the thing and letting it dry out, you’ll need to get it back in either the box it came in or another similar box that’s a bit bigger. One option is to lay some tissue paper between the inflatables or simply vacuum seal them in bags that you use for duvet covers and pillows.

    • Label Everything -- You can buy tubs and containers that are Halloween colors to make them easy to find in a basement or attic. If you are using regular boxes and tubs, however, consider using color-coded labels or markers to get the same benefit.

    • Separate Items Based on Climate-Control -- Some decorations are fine to store in the garage or a shed without worrying too much about the climate, but there are other items, like candles, that are susceptible to extreme temperatures. To keep these items in good condition for next year, separate your Halloween decorations into two groups and pack all the items requiring climate-controlled storage together.

    Celebrate your best Halloween ever with Your Fright Shop

    Get in touch with Your Fright Shop today! Not only are we your one-stop resource for your holiday costumes and designs, but you can also reach out to us for some Halloween inspiration. Perhaps you have questions about how to select a theme for your next Halloween party or need ideas on the best Halloween activities to wow your party guests, our Halloween experts are always available to answer any questions you may have for us. With fast and free shipping on almost all of our products, making your house the scariest porch on the block this Halloween season is simply one click away!

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