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We are here to help you make this Halloween more fun for your kids and score you a few extra points this year. Whatever your child wants to look like, be it cute, scary, or spooky, there is an easy way to help them get the face that completes the entire look. Here are some ideas to paint your kids face at home this Halloween regardless of your painting skills or abilities. Trying this at home on your own will not only save you money but add to your other skills. All you need is face paint, and a brush or a sponge, and you are good to go!

1. Melted Ice Cream
2. Scary skull
3. Jack Skellington
4. The Incredibles
5.  Flames
6. Minnie Mouse
7. Cat in the hat
8. Superhero mask
9. Spiderweb
10. Sports Star
11. Flowers
12. Darling Dracula
13. Curly-Qs
14. Sugar Skull
15. Bunny


Painting or being creative can be intimidating if we who do not have the talent or skills, but a cat in a hat is super easy. The only color paint you need is black to draw whiskers and put the black dot on the nose! It is that easy!!!!

  1. Melted Ice Cream

This is a fun one! If your kid is a fan of ice cream, then he/she will love this face paint idea. Choose the color for your ice cream; depending on what your kid’s favorite ice cream is. If your child likes strawberry ice cream, use pink to draw the melting ice cream and if they love vanilla ice cream, just use white paint. Don’t forget to have that ice cream cone on the head to match the painting.

  1. Scary skull

All you need is a black and white paint color for this look. Keep the focus on one eye by painting around it. Paint the inner circle with black and the outer circle with white. On the white paint put a few black lines to me it’s a little scarier. You can make the scary skull as spooky as you want by just combining these two colors and maybe add some shades.

  1. Jack Skellington

It may look hard to paint, but its quite easy to do. This look will make your kid look scary and spooky. Here is how you can do it. First, paint your kids face white then highlight the nose and around the eyes with black. After that, draw a line from one cheek to the other going through the mouth. Add lines, just simple teeth lines for a more spooky look. You can also add shades to make the look even scarier. The secret for this look is layering the colors.

  1. The Incredibles

Is your child dressed as one of the Incredibles (Elastic girl or Mr.Incredible)? This addition will complete their overall look. The colors you need for this look are black, yellow, and orange. Paint the mask to look like that of The Incredibles.

  1. Flames

This look will light up the face of your child. All you need is yellow, black and red paints. Paint fire/ flames right above one eye. The flame can be as small or as big as you want it to be.

  1. Minnie Mouse

This is an excellent and cute alternative if your child doesn’t like wearing ears. Instead of ears on her head, paint your child’s forehead with a Minnie Mouse bow and ears, and the nose with a black dot to complete the Minnie Mouse costume.

  1. Cat in the hat

Black paint is all you need to complete the cat in a hat look by adding whiskers and the nose paint. For the talented parents and those ready to take up a challenge, the cat face can be made more real by painting the entire face.  To paint a cat face, use white color for the forehead, the nasal area, and around the nose all the way to the cheekbones. Use black around the eyes, cheeks, and a line towards the chin. Add some ears above the eye with black for a perfect cat look if your child isn’t wearing cat ears already.

  1. Superhero mask

You can also paint your kid’s face with the superhero of their choice and here are some options for you.

For your batgirl or batman costume, add some face paint, and they’ll look real. Here is how you can do it, use blue and yellow or black and white to paint your kid’s forehead with a batgirl or a batman in disguise. It’s that easy!

Others simple superhero masks are such as The Flash (red, yellow and black colors),  Superman or Supergirl (blue, red and yellow colors), Captain America (white and blue colors), and so many others.

  1. Spiderweb

Looking for a traditional Halloween look? A spiderweb painting will accomplish that for you. Use your child’s favorite color as the base before painting on the web and spiders. Don’t forget to add some white touches on the web to bring the spiderweb to life. This look can range from cute to scary, depending on your painting skills. Use your imagination and bring that Halloween dream to life.

  1. Sports Star

In addition to that jersey, face paint with the colors of the favorite team representing a helmet will surely make your child smile big. All you need is the paint colors of the team and draw the illusion of a football helmet worn by your child.

  1. Flowers

This idea is for parents with little kids who cannot sit in one position for a long time. It is quick and easy, and the flowers can be as small or as big as you want. Using the shape of the brush, side-on, create the petals of your child’s favorite flower, and use their favorite colors. This look is an excellent addition to the princess look your child wants.

  1. Darling Dracula

Make your child look like a Dracula by adding easy arched eyebrows and place the fangs strategically below the lips. Only one color(black) can create teeth and eyebrows. Don’t forget to add that blood (red paint) for a complete look.

  1. Curly-Qs


Kids love the glitters, and parents like how easy curly-qs are to create. This is probably the easiest face paint for girls.  The skills do not matter here for anyone can draw a curl. Draw those curls then add some sparkle and your child will be a happy camper.

  1. Sugar Skull

Some kids are not fans of scary, so here is the alternative for the scary skull and the Jack Skellington to make your child happy. Utilize multiple colors of paint to make an adorable sugar skull. Instead of using black and white use colorful paint to draw flowers and line to make the scary cute. This alternative is for your girls!


  1. Bunny

Your little boy does not have to choose between having to save the whole world and being cute. With a lovely super bunny painted on his face, he can be cute and save the world. In addition to the bunny ears and a superman cape, give him a bunny nose and teeth with white and black colors. For the mask use the red, black and orange colors to paint around the eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I buy face paint?
  1. Can I use oil paint or watercolors?
  • No, only use the FDA approved cosmetic face paint. The regular paints can be toxic or unsafe for your child’s skin.
  1. What items do I need before I start painting?
  • Face paintings of your choice, paintbrushes of various sizes, a sponge, a towel, and clean water.
  1. Where can I get pictures to copy for the face painting?
  • You can always google images to see what you can use as a sample while painting your child.
  1. How do I wash off the paint?
  • It is pretty easy, just wash with soap and clean water.

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These ideas will make your child’s Halloween great, and you will score some bonus points from your child. So, as you prepare for Halloween this year, go with the confidence that your child will be the scariest or the cutest of them all. Don’t forget to let your imagination spice up the holiday.

Now grab the face paint and let's get spooky or cute!!


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